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What we do?

Technology Store is an e-commerce store. We bring various technological solutions to your doorstep.  Our solutions are tested with time and guarantee to work.

While we offer sales online, we also focus on Printer repairs and minor electronic repairs with IoT in focus for near future development



Our Vision

  • To offer easier, viable options to corporate and home needs with focus on results.
  • To educate persons on viable options that works.
  • To bring together Canadian manufactured products in a centralized store.
  • And of course, be the Technology Store of choice
technology store

History of Beginning

Our history is with technical solutions in Marine, Industrial, Construction, Computer and Auto (MICCA) Solutions.

Geo-changes altered our situation which led us to a Technology Store. Solution is life for us, and we seek to offer stability to networks in an affordable way.

What we really do?

We give economical technology options in a time when efficiency and cost savings matter.

Our advantage is our exposure and experience from years of installs.

Our Vision

Is to give equal opportunity and living with technology that’s cost effective.

History of the Company

We bring 25 years of specialized rounded IT Networks knowledge.  Our expertise area is wide yet specialized and highly  experienced in electronic repairs, application development, network design and maintenance.

We decided to grow our e-Commerce technology store to continue offer solutions and consultancy for any networks of any size and industry. The combination of specialized skill-set as Engineers in the Marine, Industrial, Consruction, Computer, and Auto has made us masters in the Technical industry with recognition easily measured and seen.

Be our friends!

We are network installers with years of printer, computer and electronics repair experience.  As such, we know what we sell and stand by what we sell.

We are at your service for any troubleshooting or installation consultation needs, FREE of cost.

What can we do for you ?

At Technology Store, you’ll not just find equipment and supplies.  You’ll also find us, 24×7, in any emergency or any technology need. The 24×7 Service is more geared toward our MICCA Solutions services, but as we said before, we are flexible

We test 90% gadgets that we store.  The core network products are 100% tested and have been used i the field for years.

Delivery in GTA is as seen fit at time of order.  We have our in-house delivery, however we sometimes depends on destination and financial viability, we use Canada Post

Because we are a small company, you get personalized service with a genuine smile

Since 2014 we have service , installed and supplied many corporate clients with products on this webstore

Our gadgets are mainly from China, but most of our core products are from USA headquartered companies.

Our core products are pfSense, Mobotics, Grandstream, MileSight, and Planet