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Portable Microwave Leakage Detector


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Range microwave leak detector with Warning: 5.0mW/cm2


2 in stock


• LCD digital readout
• Leakage volume in dangerous zones will sound “beeping” and a red flashing lamp
• Design suitable for use in either hand
• Battery operates for more than 1 year
• Never needs re-calibration
• Highly sensitive
• Excellent reliability and high precision

Calibration :2450MHz
Measurement range:0-9.99mW/cm2
Power Supply:9v battery (not included)
Batter life:one year

How to measure the radiation of the microwave ?
Power it ,the measure distance is 2 inch before microwave .the LCD will display the data.press the “MAX”,the maximum data will hold.

Simple operation :
First install a standard 9V battery , press the “POWER”to start .Press the “light/zero” for seconds keep it until become 0 .then you can record the data.Press the “Power”again, it will turn off.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 5 cm